Moseley Shoals 20th Anniversary

April 8th 2016 see's the 20th anniversary of Ocean Colour Scene's Moseley Shoals.

Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals

There is nothing like finding out one of your favourite album was released 20 years ago to make you feel old.

Ocean Colour Scene's Moseley Shoals celebrates it's 20th birthday today after being released on April 8th 1996 at the peak of the 'Britpop' era.

It is one of those albums that takes you back to a time and place from the second Steve Cradock kicks in on the albums opening track, The Riverboat Song.

A 14 year old me used to get my Dad to go along to HMV or Virgin in Glasgow on the day of single and album releases to pick up the latest singles and albums with the promise of paying him later (never did so cheers John) and this would have been no different.

The first time I heard them was on Saturday the 15th of June 1995 when they supported Oasis alongside Cast (pre Finetime) for just £12.50. I was only 13 but already enjoyed listening to support acts and when they battered into the Small Faces track Song of a Baker I knew I'd like them. They had obviously been kicking around for some time before that but this was my first experience of Simon Fowler, Damon Minchella, Oscar Harrison and Steve Cradock.

This year they are touring the full album again and I am lucky enough to be heading down to Leeds to catch them in the summer. But enough of me struggling to deal with the inevitable march of time here's what you came for.

The Riverboat Song

The Day We Caught The Train

The Circle

Lining Your Pockets

Fleeting Mind

40 Past Midnight

One For The Road

It's My Shadow

Policemen & Pirates

The Downstream

You've Got It Bad

Get Away