Steve McQueen - King of Cool

A look at the style of Steve Mcqueen.

You will struggle to find anyone in the history of film that come close to Steve McQueen for style, no matter how hard Daniel Craig tries to be him. 

We are going to be looking at a few key pieces that are synonymous with his look and let you know where to get them.

The Harrington will always be a timeless classic and McQueen wearing his Baracuta G9 is one of the most enduring images of the jacket. You will be paying close to £300 for the Baracuta G9 but there are other options including the Harrington Jackets available in our shop.

The classic Roll Neck, Turtle Neck or Polo Neck top (you decide) is another piece that McQueen carries off so well. For a great modern take on this classic with a taste of of the past you can check out our range of Art Gallery knits.

The button down shirt and V neck sweater will always be a smart look. We have a number of great button downs from smart tonics to plain white as well as colourful paisley shirts to checks and stripes. Visit the Dead End St men,s shirts collection here.

We also have some great sweaters available from the magnificent Art Gallery to the brilliant Brutus which you can see here.