The Get Down - Brooklyn Street Photography from the 70's

Following the release of Netflix original series The Get Down we thought we would look at the era captured through street photography.

The Get Down follows a group of teenage friends in the Bronx in the 1970's. The series takes on the existing Disco scene of the time, the emerging Hip Hop scene, gang life, graffiti artists and the poverty that all of this grew out of.

Like a cross between City of God and Saturday Night fever with a helping of The Warriors and Rubble Kings the series has been well received in its first few weeks of release and has the potential to become a smash hit.

Below you can see some photography that captures New York in the 70's. These images were captured by Jamel Shabazz who started at the age of 15 to document the people around him in 70's New York. You can find out more about him by visiting

You can definitely see the influence of his work on the style in The Get Dow, just take a look at the trainers in the first picture...

Any look at 70's New York, especially the Bronx, without mentioning the gangs would be a disservice and The Get Down does not skirt about that problem either. Fans of The Warriors will have some idea of what New York was like in this era but it is hard to take in just how close this was to what was happening at the time.

Another Netflix documentary, Rubble Kings, is a must for anyone that enjoyed The Warriors or has been enjoying The Get Down and would like to find out a bit more about the gangs that roamed the dilapidated streets at this time.

The map above looks at a small section of Brooklyn in the summer of 1974 that was home to an incredible 48 gangs. While rap and Hip Hop culture carry a lot of blame for being a bad influence on the impoverished youth of today, it was actually an escape from gang life back then.

As we mentioned, Rubble Kings is a must but here a couple of other documentaries that you might like too.

The Get Down is currently available to watch on Netflix and if you hadn't heard about it yet you are probably going to be hearing a lot more about it soon.