Being - The Film

The Kickstarter campaign for Quadrophenia inspired short film 'Being'.

For years we have heard talk of a Quadrophenia sequel, there has even been a book (with fucking ghosts in it), and though 'Being' is not a follow up there are enough nods in its general direction to earn the respect of Quadrophenia fans from around the world.

Original cast members Mark Wingett and Trevor Laird are already confirmed to feature in it so it should be good.

With only a couple of days to go on its Kickstarter it looks like there is a great chance the film will be funded so head over to the link at the bottom to find out more and back it.

There are some great rewards for getting involved including signed Quadrophenia memorabilia so if you are a fan you will want to get on this.

We just backed it and will be keeping a close eye on the campaign to make sure this gets the go ahead.

Best of luck to everyone involved from the whole Dead End St shop team!