Brand Focus - Art Gallery

A look at the Art Gallery Clothing Brand.

We are lucky enough at Dead End St. Clothing to work with some of our favourite brands and one that definitely falls into that category is Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery name has been around since 1996 when Alex Banks and Christopher Lord formed their DJ collective focusing on Soul, Beat and Psych music.

It wasn't until 1999 that Art Gallery launched their clothing range but in the years since they have become a staple in many Mods across the worlds wardrobes.

Specialising in classic Mod clothing for men and women, their sharp timeless style draws on influences from original Mods and the 80's Mod revival era as well while remaining current.

Art Gallery parka's, button down shirts, bowling bags, holdalls, scarves continue to be popular among Mods of all ages and their knitwear is some of the best available at the moment.

At Dead End St clothing we have seen firsthand just how popular the Art Gallery Knitted polo shirts, cycling tops, t shirts, sweaters, cardigans and polo necks have been and with the likes of Miles Kane seen wearing the Goldhawk waffle knit top it is only going to get more popular.

You can shop our Art Gallery Clothing Range at Dead End St by visiting our online shop or by coming into the store to see us.