Brand Focus - Brutus

A look at the Brutus brand.

Having just celebrated their 50th birthday, Brutus are a brand on the up and we are proud to be able to stock such an iconic shirt in Dead End St.

Launching in 1966 with clothing for the working man it was their classic button down shirts that found popularity among smart subcultures as the Mods and Skinheads adopted the brand.

As Skinhead evolved into Suedehead the Brutus button down Trim Fit shirt remained popular.

As styles began to change so did Brutus who focused much of their attention on the denim market with huge success as well as chart hits. This popularity continued through the 70's and 80's and it wasn't until the year 2000 that Keith Freeman put the breaks on Brutus production.

Fast forward 9 years to 2009 when Keith's son Jonathan saw an opportunity and market to relaunch the brand with its classic trim fit shirts.

With the resurgence in popularity for subcultures like skinheads, mods, punks and soul boys the brand found quick success and its popularity snow balled until  2012 when its collaborations with Dr Martens saw it really thrust into the spot light.

Branching out from the Brutus Trimfit to start production in denim again as well as knitwear and more, Brutus look like they are here to stay for another 50 years at least!

You can shop our Brutus collection at Dead End St and keep an eye out for the Autumn/Winter '16 Brutus collection coming soon to Dead End St.