Brutus Jamaican Rudeboy Re-Release

News of the release of one of Brutus' most popular releases to date. The Jamaican Trimfit.

Initially launching in the summer of 2014, the Brutus Jamaican button down shirt was extremely popular and sold out quickly.

With news of a mid-May release fans of Brutus will be delighted to find out this modern classic is making a return. The black, yellow and green shirt pays homage to the Jamaican flag and comes in the traditional Trimfit style as well as the looser Greatfit and Womens fit.

The Brutus Jamaican Shirt is now available to pre-order from Dead End St with the shirts being posted on delivery which, as we mentioned, is due for mid-May.

The shirt carries on Brutus' fine tradition of creating great shirts. With a traditional 3 finger roll collar and darted for a great fit the shirt has been popular among Mods, Skinheads and Rudeboys for years from its origins to the more recent comeback.

The Brutus Jamaican shirt is sure to be a quick seller so get in there quick with pre orders available at the following links -

Brutus Jamaican Trimfit Shirt Mens

Brutus Jamaican Greatfit Shirt Mens

Brutus Jamaican Shirt Womens