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A new site reviewing gigs and groups from Glasgow.

Social Media was, for a time, a great leveler for smaller bands who might not have the budget for big marketing campaigns. Being able to reach and build their fan base was a lot easier with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (is that still going?). 

Anyway, since these platforms all started to get a bit greedy and turned their free platforms into paid advertising boards it has got a lot harder for bands to reach the people that have already followed them, let alone reach new listeners.

Thankfully Michael Robertson (of psyche rock troubadours and all round legends Black Cat Revue) and Suzie King have made a new site that is giving these bands a platform again and will be launching soon.

Focusing on the ever fruitful Glasgow music scene, Rumors Glasgow will be shining a spotlight on some of those bands that you might not have heard about yet but you probably will in the future.

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Here's a little taste of what you can expect from the wonderful Black Cat Revue...