Ignorant Advert Aims to Divide

Shocking new advert going back to ignorant, stereotypical views of skinhead culture.

This is the advert that will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers as it depicts an outdated stereotype of a skinhead abusing an elderly Asian woman.

The message itself shouldn't be ignored it lets us know that one persons vote counts as much as the next persons but it is the imagery used that will not sit well with a great many people up and down the country.

Designed by advertising giants Saatchi & Saatchi the idea of the thug in boots, which hasn't been pushed that much since the 80's to be honest, might now make a return to the public psyche.

Let's not try and claim every skinhead out there is or has always been an angel, of course that isn't the case. However, a subculture so heavily influenced by Caribbean roots, from the music to the style, will now be the poster boy for racists. It is much easier for them to post a 'recognisable boogie man' than to try and explain that more people carrying briefcases harbor racist views than those in boots and braces.

For me this is a deeply irresponsible image that will cause trouble for skinheads but could also give people the idea that this is how you should dress if you are partial to abusing old Asian women.

By trying to create an 'us and them' mentality among voters they are really setting their stall out. It could end up being a very divisive issue and cause problems but they won't be interested in that as long as they get their bit of publicity out of it.

We are proud to stock subculture clothing in our new shop and won't be put off selling braces or anything else by shite like this.