New Mods & Rockers TV Show

Reports of interest in a Quadrophenia styled Mods & Rockers TV series.

News is emerging that Simon West, the Director of Con Air, Tomb Raider and Expendables 2, is in talks with  Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey about a Mods & Rockers TV series.

There is talk of an 8 part series and after the Who members came out against the idea of a proposed Quadrophenia follow up this might be more up their street.

There is apparent interest from major broadcasters and production companies according to West, and who could blame them after the success of the This is England series. With Quadrophenia's enduring popularity it would undoubtedly get a lot of interest but we will have to wait for any future developments.

With West's involvement and history on Con Air there is only one choice for me if there is to be another 'Ace Face' type character...