One Last This is England Film

Shane Meadows confirms there could be one last installment of the series.

The news we all wanted to hear. At last nights British Academy Television Awards he said,

 "There is one 'This Is England' left. I've got one last idea for 'This Is England' but as a film that can be split as a hybrid - because it started in cinemas and ended up on TV - I would love to finish off with one feature-length episode people can watch in the cinema or on TV the same night."

Despite him saying he will struggle to get the cast back together for one last film, 

"The cast have all gone on to bigger, better things. All of them are doing incredible things, so that's probably the hardest thing now - trying to get everyone back."

it would be difficult to imagine them turning down the opportunity to wrap things up once and for all.

We look forward to finding out more news and we will keep you posted.

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