Ready Steady Girls - A New Subculture Book

The new subculture book taking a look at the women of Mod coming soon.

There really have been some great books about subcultures over the years and the photography of the likes of Gavin Watson and Derek Ridgers has had the recognition it deserves.

This new book compiled by Mark Baxter, Ian Snowball and Jason Brummell is something that hasn't really been looked at on a large scale yet.

Focusing on the Mod girls of the past and the present it should shine a whole new light on a scene that has enjoyed a lot of attention over the years.

With the design by the team behind The Young Idea Jam book it is bound to be impressive. It will be a great opportunity to see hundreds of great images from over the years and hear from the people featured in them.

Limited to 1000 copies the book will be launched through  Kickstarter allowing the team to get the funding in place to make this project happen.

This should all be launching in the next couple of weeks where they will have a set time to raise the money needed by people pledging in advance.

The campaign is now live at -