Skinhead Documentary on the Cards

A new hour long documentary tracing the origins of skinhead culture and it's eventual evolution has been commissioned.

Skinhead Documentary for BBC4

This news has been kicking about for around a month now but we haven't seen any more developments.

We understand that an hour long documentary has been commissioned by BBC 4 and will be hosted by Don Letts who said “As a teenager I spent a part of my youth as a skinhead – we’re talking about the fashion version and not the fascist version that would appear much later,”

“It’s a story that says much about British life – about our music, our fashion, our multicultural society and our politics. I want to get under the skin of skinhead and try to understand a movement that was essentially born of white working class disillusionment.”

Focusing on the origins of the Skinhead movement as well as looking at it's evolution into a media whipping boy it should be an interesting watch. Undoubtedly it will spark old arguments and as always politics will be dragged up but here is hoping they put the time and effort into making this a worthwhile documentary and not the usual demonisation.

There is no news yet about it's release date but we will keep you posted on developments.