Trevor & Simon Talk Record Shops

Trevor & Simon discuss the resurgence of vinyl records and record shops.

It's not often you get to meet your heroes and in this case I didn't. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology and Twitter I did manage to get in touch with 80s/90s kids TV icons Trevor & Simon.

In an age when a great deal of celebrities from back then are more likely to appear in newspapers for salacious matters or appearing on the likes of I'm a Celebrity and coming across as bitter pricks, it is refreshing and relieving to come across two genuine favourites of years gone by who are not only good guys and still funny but are actually still producing great work.

There recent podcast, Strangeness in Space, is proving to be popular and I actually had a guy in the shop just a few weeks ago in a Strangeness in Space T shirt.

It's easy to just look back on people that have found previous success and today's throwaway culture must make it even more difficult for people to stay relevant without going on reality TV. For the record I'm not knocking it either, I am a fan of some of it.

For me Trevor and Simon will always be synonymous with Saturday morning TV like Going Live and most people from my generation will know exactly what you mean when you say "swing your pants".

To find out that they are both still producing great work and are friendly helpful guys was brilliant. To find out they  both have a healthy appreciation for good music was even better.

Having played fictional record shop owners (this gets a great mention in the video) who better to speak about record shops?

When I asked if they might be interested in answering a few questions I wasn't expecting them to get back to me but as you can see from the video below they did.

The video was made for the opening of Rare Trade Records in Kilwinning just round the corner from our very own Dead End St.

As always they are knowledgeable, funny, engaging and for me should be on TV doing a lighthearted look at the music world. They have the ability to educate and inform in a way that amuses you and entertains.

I might sound a bit over the top but for me Trevor & Simon are a national treasure, icons of the past and hopefully megastars of the future.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did.