Trojan Spirit of 69 - 7" Boxed Set

Details of the new box set release by Trojan.

Trojan continues its fine history in Reggae classics with this 7" box set show casing some of the best boss reggae tunes of the late 60's and early 70's.

Compiled by Jamaican music expert Michael De Koningh you will get 8 discs, stylish insert card and a piece about the boss reggae sound and each of the singles.

Go to for the chance to pre order the box set as well as some special offers for collectors. Below you will find the track list;

Single 1: 

A. Cuss Cuss – Lloyd Robinson

B. Lavender Blue – Lloyd Robinson

Single 2:

A. Dulcemania – Drumbago & The Dynamites

B. China Man – Clancy Eccles

Single 3:

A. Just Another Lonely Night- Derrick Harriot

B .Been So Long / You Lied to Your Daddy – Derrick Harriot

Single 4: 

A. Freedom Sound – Lloyd Charmers (as the Afrotones)

B. Easy Sounds – Lloyd Charmers (as the Afrotones)

Single 5:

A. Ali Baba – John Holt

B. I’m Your Man – John Holt

Single 6:

A. Everybody Bawlin’ – Vincent Gordon

B. Come Look Here (aka Girls Exposure) – The Gold Tones

Single 7:

A. If This World Were Mine – Tyrone Evans

B. You Done Me Wrong – Tyrone Evans & The Slickers

Single 8:

A. Apollo 11 – The Hippy Boys (aka The Moon Boys)

B. Love Love Everyday – The Pioneers