Union Jack T Shirts - An 80's Skinhead Staple

The Skinhead love affair with Union Jack T Shirts in pictures.

Though The Who and The Jam are synonymous with Union Jack blazers it was the 80's Skinheads that cornered the Union Jack T shirt market as you can see by the pictures below.

Now more than ever we are seeing subculture imagery as social media makes it easier for old Skins and photographers to share pictures and the demand for them is huge.

The likes of Gavin Watson and Derek Ridgers in particular have found a new market for their incredible work and the amateur photography that seems to be emerging on a daily basis captures different pockets of subcultures from around the UK throughout the ages.

As we have always said on our sister site TheBritishSubcultures.Com, it can be extremely difficult to credit images by the time they come our way but we are more than happy to do so or remove pictures on request.

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Picture by Gavin Watson

Picture by Gavin Watson